School ties, custom ties, club ties, corporate ties, Custom club ties, Bespoke corporate ties, and many more clubs and societies
          School ties, custom ties, club ties, corporate ties,     Custom club ties, Bespoke corporate ties,  and many more clubs and societies   

The Accessories Page

On this page you find details about our accessories and the serviced we can offer

Everything you will see on this website was designed, manufactured and supplied by Brannie Ties.. we simply could not show everything we have produced but hopefully the images on this site will be of help and show you what can be produced.

The image oppersite shows a pair of boxed cufflinks, pin badge and brooch sitting on matching ties and scarves for a large hotel group.

Our minimum quantity is only 25pcs on everything we produce to help with the smaller clubs and companies (the lowest minimum quantity in the UK)

If you have any questions regarding placing an ordr or to simply ask advice please feel free to contact us    email:  or  tel:01307 850764

Earings and Cufflink sets

Your accessories can be supplied in boxes if required, please feel free to enquire about this service.



Bespoke Shapes

We can supply cufflinks and badges in any shape required, all our enamels are finished by hand.




Using state of the art lazer cutting technology and 3D printing we are able to create stunning high detail brooches



Free Artwork, Free Full Colour Visuals, No Set-up Charges

and we are happy to answer your questions  tel:01307 850764


Any shape

If you want your badges or cufflinks cut to shape or made into totally bespoke shapes please enquire about this service



Any colour

Using hard enamels we can create a vast range of colours to ensure your accessories match your ties and scarves



Hard enamels

Our minimum quantity on cufflinks is only 25pcs, and with no setup  or origination charges it gives you total peace of mind



The below image shows one of our new lines, Bespoke Mark Penny's, designed, manufactured and supplied to your own lodge colours and crest..

The minimum quantity for penny's is only 25 pcs. There are no hidden charges, no set-up or origination costs and best of all no charge for designing your penny's

Prices start from £3.55 depending on the complexity and quantity ordered.

Tie Boxes

Tie boxes and gift cards made to match your ties, these can be supplied with gold foil printing inside the lid or on top of the lid

Please feel free to enquire about other styles of boxes 



Metal Stamped

Metal Stamped cufflinks add a new dimession to the finished product, we can design and supply any kind of image required for your badges and other accessories



Hard Enamel

The above cufflinks were designed to match the ties and scarves we also supplied to this customer, as part of this set we also designed and supplied some car pendants for the rugby club




Creating your matching set

Our “matching set” service is a perfect way to enhance your company or club, as part of this service you can have Cufflinks, Pin Badges, Masonic Jewels, Medals, Brooches, Earrings and many other types of accessories to help promote your club or company.


We can also supply your club or company with fleeces, polo shirts, t-shirts and other clothing items, a part of this service you can have bespoke woven badges or your garments embroidered.

Masonic Jewels made to order

How long does it take..?

Once we have your logo or crest we will create some designs for you, ALL OUR ARTWORK IS FREE OF CHARGE, this saves you money and because there are NO SET-UP CHARGES or hidden costs you alos have peace of mind

If you require references of our work we will be more than happy to supply them.

From approval of artwork to delivery of your order will be between 4 and 5 weeks 






Why not have some matching cufflinks when you order yuor jewels or pin badges, by bulking the order up we can userally reduce the unit cost to help save you money, choose from various fixings from tie-pins to tie slides and cufflinks all made from high quality materials


Dont forget our minimum quantity is only 25 pcs on all our woven, printed and enamel products. 



     Tie with Jewel set

Any matching set boils down to the design and materials used, this is why we will always offer free advice on what will work best for your design/ order, if you have any questions simply get intouch and we will be more than happy to help.



Jewel with Polo-shirt

High detail and high quality products make for a perfect service, add our 5 star rated customer service to this and we are sure we will be able to help with your order




We can weave the ribbon of your jewel to suit your specific lodge/colour.

You can also have your crest printed on to the ribbon as well as a hard or soft  enamel finish to your jewel.

The top band can be engraved or have an enamel section inserted to help promote your lodge or club.


Please remember you can have any design you want and do not have to use the same as the images on our website, we can even weave bespoke material for you if required.

The below images show what your polo-shirt or football scarf artwork would look like, these are supplied as full colour digital images for emailing, we can supply hard copies as well for those with no email address


Made from high quality breathable material our Premiur brand is perfect for golf clubs and other sports clubs



By Design

The above image shows what your artwork would look like, in full colour showing the postion of logos etc



Sport Scarves

Why not enquiry about our range of Rugby and Football scarves made to order with high detailed embroidery




High detail

All our enamels are polished by hand to ensure a clean finish and quality checked pre shipping




The above set was supplied to the Royal Grammar School as part of a large set including ties, scarves and cufflinks



Soft enamel

The Rock Choir pin badge was supplied with matching long digitally printed scarf



All enamels come in either hard or soft finishes. We can also print your logo in high detail then

enamel over the top to create a very high detailed finish.


If you would like your cufflinks, pin badges etc. supplied in boxes please enquire as to which style you would prefer.

Free Artwork and free full colour visuals

No set-up Charges or Origination costs

Minimum quantity on all enamels is only 25

The best way to send your logo or crest to us is by email, simply open your email up then press 'Attach' this will 'attach' your logo to the email, the best foramts are jpeg or pdf.. if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call..

Embroidered items, Woven Badges and Clothing

Woven Badges

Our woven badges can be supplied in any shape or size,from schools to clubs please feel free to enquire 



Woven Bullion Badges

Bullion badges are woven using gold and silver wire to enhance  the 3D effect, these are perfect for Military use


Tel: 01307 850764


Bespoke Pendants

Car pendants can be woven or printed adn come in a wide range of sizes and styles



Lead times on woven badges and clothing is only 2-3 weeks


We can supply from 1 item up on any of our clothing range


If you have any questions regarding placing an order or just want some advice, please feel free to contact us where we will be happy to help.

To help promote your company or club Brannie Ties also offers a wide range of clothing  that can be supplied in a wide choice of colours and sizes.
As part of this service you can have your club crest or company logo either embroidered straight on to the garment or have a woven badge designed and supplied separately.

If you have any questions about our accessories service please feel free to get in touch, we are here to help design, manufacture and supply you with the best possible products available on the market today.

There are no hidden charges to ensure you have peace of mind when placing your order, we are only a phone call or email away and are happy to give advice or help with your enquiry. Tel: 01307 850764    email:


FREE SAMPLES to show our quality

Free Artwork

No Set-up charges

Minimum quantity only 25 on all woven badges

No Origination Costs

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