School ties, custom ties, club ties, corporate ties, Custom club ties, Bespoke corporate ties, and many more clubs and societies
          School ties, custom ties, club ties, corporate ties,     Custom club ties, Bespoke corporate ties,  and many more clubs and societies   

Masonic & other Society ties and Accessories for Men and Ladies

On this page you will find images of Masonic & society ties using bespoke weaves, shadow weaves and other woven items & accessoires we supply such as Bowties 'self-tie and pre-tied' bows, Cummerbunds &

Pocket squares, Ladies Cross-over ties

Cravats for men and women.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch by either phone or email, we are here to help...


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Masonic Matching Set

Please feel feel to ask about our matching set service, if you have any doubts about the quality of our products or servcie we can offer free references and send you FREE SAMPLES of work we have done for other lodges.

Its in our interest to ensure we look after you and offer the best service possible.

Our minimum quantity is only 25pcs with bulk discounts available for higher quantities.


We will never charge for overuns and will always offer a wide range of options options to ensure your ties, cufflinks, bowties, pocket-squares are made totally bespoke to your own design. We can supply your order with bespoke labels if required and even carry stock for festivals to help with distribution.

Customer Review -  from Mr Robert Webber

We are absolutely delighted with the safe arrival of our ties,and would like to extend our gratitude to you both for the excellent service your provided. From the moment we first spoke I knew we were dealing with a reliable and trustworthy people, if we need any more help on anything else, we will not hessitate to contact you and we will certainly recommend your service to other people

Best wishes

Robert Webber..


 Unique Layout Design

Our design service is here to ensure your order is just right for you.. from complex patterns to detailed text and repeat designs will always ensure your ties are perfect everytime.



    Colour 'Flip' Order

If you need more than one colour to build your order up please ask about our colour split service, the minimum quantity per switch is 25pcs.





Tie with matching Jewel

The above set was created using our colour matching service, our jewels are all hand finished and made to order, we do not carry a generic design because making a totally bespoke Jewel for your Lodge will always look better and its more cost effective than you think. Please feel free to get in touch any time  email:



     Bespoke Weaves

Why not have a totally bespoke weave on your new ties, this service is FREE OF CHARGE and can really make your ties stand out from the crowed but in a classic way.. 


Tel: 01307 850764





White cotton Masonic gloves with very high detail crest printed into the material to ensure a high quality finish.

Please feel free to enquire about this service.

Gloves can be supplied in mixed sizes if required.

Lead times are up to 4 weeks.


Example -  bespoke white cotton gloves with white press stud fastening including high detail bespoke logo start from only £7.69 per pair + vat based on an order of 500 pairs.. for other prices please feel free to enquire.    email:

   High Detailed Logo's

The above image shows very fine detail on a satin weave tie with added shadow effect over the rest of the ties                                (ALL INCLUDED FREE OF CHAGE)



      Bespoke designs

From small logo's to full sized crests we can create any kind of design on your ties, bowties and pocket squares, feel free to contact us about these services and how they can save you money...



Our bespoke Mark Pennies are all made bespoke to each customer, we find it best to produce everything from scratch, this ensures a high quality custom product that is matched to your requirements in everyway possible.

The artwork to the left shows how we can use a mixture of full colour hard enamel and 3D casting to create the perfect double sided penny.


For more details about this service and other bespoke items we can design, manufacture and supply for you...

Please remember there are no hidden charges when you choose Brannie Ties and all our artwork is free of charge    email: or feel free to give us a call any time on 01307 850764

The below image shows the finished order using 3D imaging and hard enamel, the text on the red banner is under 2mml in height, this shows the detail we can achieve when produciing your penny's, if you have any questions please feel free to send your enquiry to -

Crest & Shadow weave

The above Lodge ties were designed using a twill weave high detailed Lodge crest and a repeating shadow effect all over the ties.

Feel free to send your equiry today




   Tie & Pocket Square

Why not consider a matching set, ties look really smart when worn with a pocket square, we can even produce some bowties as well to make a full set + cufflinks...

Feel free to give us a call or email, we will be happy to answer your questions, and we can provide references as well...!



We can supply woven bowties in either self-tie or pre-tied styles to go with your tie order



Two designs over one order to create a stunning set of ties

We can also mix the weaves to add real depth to the design.


Once we start weaving we can produce a full matching set as shown above. Its really worth asking about matching sets because the more you order the lower the price will be...





Any questions about our servcies please feel free to get in touch

Brannie Ties are proud to show some feed-back and very kind words from one of our customers..

“The Masonic Province of West Lancashire with a Membership of over 9,000 Members are very pleased to recommend Brannie Ties to anyone thinking of using them as a supplier, both Phill and Sheila have been nothing but helpful and professional in assisting in the design process and production of the Ties, Bow Ties and Pocket Squares we required to deliver to our Membership.

We have received the first order, which is as promised, and have no hesitation in re ordering from Brannie Ties, and we will be using them for all our merchandise needs in the foreseeable future.”

Phil Preston Masonic Province of West Lancashire.

Our minimum quantity is only 25 pcs per item, this means you can split your order up into different sizes, widths,colours, you can have ties and bowties plus pocket squares mixed into one order and change the ties from straight to clipon and adult to junior, if you have any questions please just ask ..

Email: or you can give use a call on - tel: 01307 850764


Coldstream Lodge, very detailed crest with stripes on a satin weave in polyester

You can have stripes to any width and texture, we can even mix the textures up to create a 3D effect at no extra cost to you.


Tie Set

Masonic Festival matching set, ties, bowties and pocket squares all with shadow weaves,

full colour

logos and over two types of material.

Polyester and Silk




The above image shows detailed text running up the tie with the stripes and with the logo sitting just above the blade, this tie is in reppe weave.


Tel: 01307 850764



Different effects on ties

By using the latest weaving methods we can create every kind of bespoke design as the material is woven, this way your ties will look perfect with no worries of embroiding or or using a print-on logo, you crest and all effect are part of the tie, if you have any questions please email:


Minimum Quantity is only 25pcs


No Hidden charges guaranteed


All logos, text and complex patterns are


References available...



Bespoke text & weaves

We can design a truly bespoke weave for your ties if required, this means the overall background of the tie will be made up of your crest or lodge symble, this service is included free of charge, Feel free to ask any questions or if you just need some advice simply send an email to



   Masonic Lodge Ties 

Our minimum quantity is only 25pcs, you can have width of tie, straight or clip-on any kind of bespoke weave, text and stripes...we are here to ensure your ties are perfect for you.



       Rotary Club Ties

We ship ties all over the world on a regular basis, so even if your in China, Scotland, America or Africa we can design, manufacture and deliver your ties straight to your door



If you want a more textured feel to your ties we can change the weave from satin to a more bespoke finish like herring bone or a reppe weave, this will not affect the price in anyway, we may recomend a specific weave to suit your design to make sure the end product is what you are after

Our Masonie Jewels are all hand finished and made to order,this ensures a high quality product every time.

The image on the left shows a full matching set for the Staffordshire Lodge, this set is made up from matching jewels, cufflinks and large pin/collar badge, the jewels had different top section depicting 'Founder and Past Master'. For more information regarding our hard enamels and jewels please feel free to contact us..

Bespoke weaves and logo plus text all included free of charge



Stripes, repeated logo and main logo down at the blade



This matching set of one design over two colours using a 8cm width at the blade



Cross section pattern design with logo at the blade in 3 colours



Clip-on tie with bespoke logo and text



Cummerbunds and Bowties

If you want to add that extra special look to your bowties, we can create a full matching set that includes bespoke cummerbunds and pocket squares, to go with your ties.

Please feel free to enquire about this service


Made to order enamels make the perfect gift or matching set to your ties, bowties, pocket squares and can also be supplied as pin badges or tie pins



 Woven full matching sets

Creating full matching sets for social events and special occasions is a speciality for Brannie Ties, this service can also save you money. If you have any questions about this service please feel free to contact us

    Matching bow-ties

Once we have designed or replicated your ties, we can adapt the material into ties, bowties, cummerbunds, pocket squares and even waistcoats.. we just a phone call away

Tel: 01307 850764




  Self or Pre-tied bows

Once the material is woven we can make pretied or self tie bowties depending on your requirements



Our new range of Bespoke Masonic Gloves are a must for your Lodge, these not off the shelf gloves in anyway.

All our Masonic gloves are made to order with your own Lodge crest woven then heat-sealed onto the back of the gloves, you even have more than one image per glove and in mixed sizes.


The image on the left shows a matching set, of gloves, cufflinks, and pin badge


Simply email you enquiry and we will be more than happy to help


Tel: 01307 850764

Lead times -  Artwork only takes 2-4 days, Bespoke samples take 2-3 weeks

The main order takes 4-5 weeks from approval of the sample

  Bespoke Masonic Jewels


All our Jewels, Cuff-links and other enamels are made to order, this way we can offer the kind of service expected by Lodges around the world.

Our FREE DESIGN SERVICE ensures you save money and always end up with the perfect product for your Lodge or event

We are happy to send out FREE SAMPLES of any products we have supplied to previous clients to show the quality of our products

We do not charge any set-up charges or origination costs.  Email:




Your ties can be made to any width, length,colour and design

Repeated shadow weaves and logos

included free of charge



This matching set was produced using poly/silk, the design includes small shadow weaves effects built into the stripes

We then duplicated this effect on the bowties to create a set,



Bow ties can be supplied in any colour or made bespoke to suit each client



Metal stamped cufflinks are a clever option instead of using full colour hard enamels this simple effect can really stand out


Full matching sets in one design

Creating the design is just the first step, we will always offer advice as to ways you can reduce the unit cost by adding bowties or other items in the same design



Ladies & Mens ties in the same design

This design was supplied to the REME, the weave is totally bespoke to this order



Bow and tie matching set

Creating a design that works is more important the actual item, we will alway offer advice to ensure your order is perfect for you....



If you have any questions please fee free to get in touch....!



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