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          School ties, custom ties, club ties, corporate ties,     Custom club ties, Bespoke corporate ties,  and many more clubs and societies   

Matching sets

Welcome to our matching sets page, because everythng we design, manufacture and supply can made made into a matching set.. this opens up more options for you as our customer.

We can change sizes, colours, shapes and material to ensure your club or company looks the best it can at any event or presentation. The above image shows a silk tie with matching long silk scarf, we used the colours from the tie then tweaked them so the scarf looked bright and smart without losing the identity of the club. Our minimum quantity for each style is only 25pcs and in many cases by choosing to have matching sets can actually save you money on the overall order.

Two sizes of club ties plus  woven badges

Why not save money and order ties to fit all ages in your club, dont forget the larger the order the better the unit price will be, this means if you order 25 adult ties + 25 junior ties the discount would be based on 50 ties which instantly saves you over £5.00 per tie

Please feel free to ask about mixed sizes in your club order...



     Mixed colour/size

If you want to change the colour of your ties as part of your order 'its no problem' please feel free to enquire about this service, it can really add to the look of your ties...


Tel: 01307 850764



Pin Badges, Cufflinks Ties full bespoke set

Using our state of the art colour coding and casting service we produced some high detail hard enamels to match the Mark Mason tie above, from artwork to delivery of goods is between 4 & 5 weeks only



3 Way Colour Spit plus  matching Boxes

Our bespoke tie boxes use the same material as the ties to ensure a true colour and texture match everytime, our bespoke tie boxes are very cost effective and start from only £3.50 when ordered with your ties



    Tonal Matching

Matching tie to Jewel or pin badge can be hard, but we use the best methods to ensure the colours are matched even when the materials are totally different

To enquire simply 'click' the below to open an email link to us





   Corporate badge/Tie

We can also supply bespoke polished metal and or hard enamel full colour badges to help promote your company or club, these can be supplied with individual names on for staff members


If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or email.

We are here to help design, and supply your bespoke ties and accessories



Audi Polysilk Ties + Silk Long Matching Scarf

Corporate silk scarf and matching poly/silk ties for AUDI UK, we supply these to various franchise's across the UK, we also offer a holding stock service to help with distribution and to help save the client money and time.





    Large Scarf withTie

African Insurance corporation extra long scarf (160cm x 43cm) with standard mens tie

Our customers range from small clubs to large international clients



      Colour change

We can change the colour of the stripes, or the main background colour to suit your needs, if you also require a width change this is free of charge..





Logo colour changes for schools 'Year change'

For schools we offer a year change colour flip service, tyhis means on orders over 200pcs 'in total' we can change the colour of the swirls and stripes to show year change, this also helps for house within year and Achievment ties... the same method can be used for Prefect ties.



Full set - 3 sizes of ties with mixed widths, pin badges and long matching scarves

There are no real limits as to how we create your design, becasue our products are made bespoke to each customer we can adapt our process to suit your order..

If you have any questions please feel free to ask..



2 Colour split

From 25pcs per style making this servcie perfect for small compaines and clubs.



So what comes next ??


All our artwork/design service is included FREE OF CHARGE..

Once you have agreed to our prices and sent your club crest or company logo over we will create your free designs, this takes around 3 to 4 days.

The reason why we offer this free service is to ensure the concept artwork is a true representation of the end product, (note- the colour shown on a computer screen will look brighter or be tonally different to the actual material your order will be made from, this why it is so important to have a bespoke sample pre production of your main order.

To send your enquiry simply 'CLICK' the email address anywhere on this website and a new APP will open to allow you to send your enquiry.

Bespoke Sample

Once you have approved the artwork, we will create a bespoke sample for you, this will be a true representation of what your ties, scarves, or pin badges will look like..

The bespoke sample can be tweaked to ensure the tonal colour and width are correct pre-main order.

If the order proceeds the bespoke sample will be FREE OF CHARGE, if you choose to cancel the order after the production of your bespoke sample we will have to invocie for works alreay carried out.

The cost will depened on the sample produced..

Your Order

Once you have approved the sample we move to full production of your order, this will take around 4 to 5 weeks including delviery to your door.


The order will be checked and counted before shipping to prevent any problems popping up.. we will emial you 24hrs before your order is shipped, if you will not be in please let us know in advance so someone can sign for the box, all orders are shipped in BrannieTies boxes with a note ontop showing whats inside for your reference.

email:  or Tel: 01307 850764

RAF matching set, ties with cummerbunds, we also supply many UK FORCES with other pi badges, ties, bowties, pocket squares and other items all made to order.

Aston Martin Set

The above silk ties are part of a set including ties and scarves with a colour split for the pure silk ties



Bespoke Weaves

Our bespoke weaves are the best available and are included FREE OF CHARGE on all order, please feel free to enquire about this service



  Woven neckwear set

The above image shows a perfect set designed and produced by Brannie Ties as part of a corporate uniform



Tie and matching Cravat

Matching sets can and will save you money, our prices are based on the overall quantity to try and help save you money



 Ties with Pin Badges

Our badges come in a range of sizes, shapes and materials, its more important to us that the end product meets with your requirements, this why we always offer FREE ARTWORK and FREE SAMPLES our work we have produced for other clients..



       Ties + Cufflinks

Like our ties and other products our high quanitly enamels can be designed to any shape, and size to fit your budget, our minimum quantity for enamels, tie and scarves is only 25pcs



3 Tie Designs + Badges

       Ties with Boxes

Minimum quantiy only 25 pcs, and all logos, stripes, bespoke weaves included FREE OF CHARGE



If you have any questions please fee free to get in touch, we are here to help...

Its easy to send your enquiry or ask a question...


Email is the best way to send your logo and details over, it also speeds thigns up if time is tight.

Lead times -  Artwork takes 2 - 3 days, Bespoke samples 2 - 3 weeks, and the main order only takes 4 - 5 weeks after approval of the sample, if time is tight you can proceed straight to order from the artwork, this only takes 4 - 5 weeks and sometimes faster.


Reorders tend to be around 3 - 4 weeks


Thank you again for taking the time to look around our website, if you didnt fidn what you were looking for please give us a bell or email and we are sure we will be able to help



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