School ties, custom ties, club ties, corporate ties, Custom club ties, Bespoke corporate ties, and many more clubs and societies
          School ties, custom ties, club ties, corporate ties,     Custom club ties, Bespoke corporate ties,  and many more clubs and societies   

Ties for -   Schools and Sports

quantiy School & society ties are just one part of our services, our school ties are the best by design in the market today and come with FREE CRESTS AND NO HIDDEN CHARGES
Ties for Schools and Sports clubs come in a wide range of colours and sizes. On this page you find all the information required to make your enquiry or place an order
 All the tie images on the site have been designed manufactured and supplied by Brannie Ties, you can have any design you want and do not have to use the same ties as the ones shown.
 If you want your ties made to a specific width and or length this service is FREE OF CHARGE.
We can also supply your ties in mixed sizes for clubs at no extra cost, this is perfect for junior, senior and adult age groups.
  Simply 'Click' the headers below to be guided to a specific range of ties, you can choose to base your tie design on one of our images or go with a totally new concept, the price would not be affected.

The minimum quantity for school ties is 50pcs as this section is based on larger orders instead of small clubs where minimum quantity is 25pcs


School & University Ties
 Football and other sports club ties
 If you need any help in making a desicion regarding the quality of your ties and what would work best for you simply send an email or feel free to give us a call, advice is always free or charge..
 Feel free to get in touch...
 Tel: 01307 850764
 Please remember that the images on this website are simply to show the variations in what can be woven and or printed, if you want something totally different to what is shown then please feel free to ask.
 Bespoke designs is what we do best....


School ties with colour split to show each year

5 colours over one school tie design to show year change and house names within each year

We can also change the width and length within your main order if required at no extra cost

Please feel free to enquire




School ties

School ties can be supplied in any kind of complex design with shadow weaves, stripes and repeat patterns, the above image shows a School tie with matching cuff-links 



 School & University Ties

 Velcro & Colour 'flips'

No matter the age of school children, they are never the same height.. some are tall some are short, this is why we offer a mixed size option for schools, within your ordr simply state what length you wnat your ties, thisway when you order ties for senior and junior age groups you can rest assured the ties will be right where it matters..



     Bespoke Knots...!

We can even supply school ties with bespoke knots for prefects, or other special students or house's within each year.



Bespoke School ties

Why not go for something different with your school ties, the above shows a truly funky school Prefect tie



Mixed Colours

Creating colour spilts help to define each year or house



Two colours in one order

Flipping the colour of your ties mid order is no problem and for orders over 100 pcs this service is free of charge



High Detailed Crests with Swirl Design

Dont be like everyone else, your school deserves to stand out from the crowd, our school ties are machine finished to prevent them from been pulled apart and to last longer, feel free to ask about free crests and logos.. email:



Bespoke knot/design

Have you considered bespoke tie knots, they really stand out and add that extra special look to your new school ties


Telephone 01307 850764



Because all the ties we produce are bespoke you can have a mix of logos on your ties, such as a shield under the knot, then a different image down at the blade, at no extra cost.

Our colour matching service is the best way to ensure as closer match as possible to your existing ties or scarves.

This service is FREE OF CHARGE

    School hat bands

If your school or college requires hat bands to go with your ties and badges please feel free to get in touch, they are more cost effective than you think, we can also supply them fitted to bespoke strawboater hats



 Ties and Hat band sets

As part of our matching set service we can design manufacture and supply hat bands, to go with the school ties, these can be in your school colour and come with free text and stripes, emil:



Why not add a colour change or change of stripe to show each year or age grouop change ? we can even change colours within each year, this service if free of charge on all overs over 200 pcs basde on a minimum quantity per change of only 25 pcs, we here to help save you money and all our design services are FREE OF CHARGE.

All logos, text and bespoke weaves are also included free of charge, so why not consider a bespoke school tie, it costs less than you think...  email:

Our minimum quantity for Universities is only 25pcs the lowest in the UK and 50pcs for schools and with no set-up charges or origination costs there simply is no hidden charges


Special school ties can be designed and supplied as part of your main order..

Achievment ties or Prefect ties can either match the main order or stand alone if required, as part of this service we can add shadow weaves and mixed widths and lengths in your order.

We also design and supply hard enamel and woven badges for Houses within each year.


Our minimum quantity for school ties is only 50pcs, this to help save you money.

Lead times are as follows

Artwork - 2-4 days 

Bespoke samples - 2-3 weeks

Main production of order -  4-5 weeks from approval of sample

   The below are some images of ties that were designed and supplied to Rugby Clubs, Football clubs , Hockey clubs and other sports clubs

This school tie was designed by a young and up coming designer called Jess-Styles, we worked with her as this was part of her school project..

We will always help out new designers and where possible offer advice and guide them to where the finished product can go into production.


This funky school tie was part of a competiton for best design of a new school tie, which she won..!


Brannie Ties can provied your school with a really bespoke tie for the same price as a standard stripe or plain tie because we do not charge for any logos, stripes, bespoke details and original design concepts...


If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or sedn an email to the below address


If you have any questions simply


7 days a week, 24hrs a day or feel free to give us a call in office hours b   Mon - Thur 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 4pm

01307 850764

            Sports and Club ties

Sports club all require a time when they need t look smart.... This is where Brannie Ties can really help, every tie, bowtie, cummerbund and accassorie is designed, manufactured and supplied to each customer, you can have any design you want, if you wish to base your ties on some of our exisitng ties thats no problem, there is no difference in price if you have a bespoke design or a dupilcate of your existing ties.

The image on th eleft shows a silk golf club tie with stripes, bespoke logo and shadow weaves, all these special effects are included free of charge with no hidden extas or extra charges. Please feel free to get in touch at anytime about yournew ties and will will be more than happy to give you a free no obligation quote.

Email:  or Tel: 01307 850764 

   Country Sports Ties

Please ask about matching bowties, pocketsquares, cufflinks or pin badges...



        Military Ties

All our ties are made bespoke to each customer, this means every tie we design is bespoke to you..



 Ties in Boxes + Cards

Bespoke tie boxes can be supplied with matching material on the lid, silver or gold foil print inside the lid or on the front, please feel free to enquire.. 

Minimum quantity for tie bespoke tie boxes is 50pcs... these can also be supplied with different coloured tops or gold/silver foil printing on the main lid section..




   Material topped Box

Ties with matching tie-box, the perfect gift or presentation set, these can also be supplied with matching cufflinks inside the box




Most clubs have different ages groups from under 11s through to adults, this is why we offer a mixed size option FREE OF CHARGE..

aThis way you can have the same tie design supplied over 3 different sizes such as 

Junior = 6- 11yrs 

Senior = 11 - 18yrs

Adult = 18yrs + 


The image on the right shows the same design over 3 age groups and a colour change for the adults, colour chages within one order may incur a loom charge for swapping the main background of the ties..


The minimum quantity per colour change is only 25pcs

     Bespoke Weaves

From Tartan effects with high detailed logos and other complex designs, everything we supply will be bespoke to you.



Shadow Weaves

Custom weaves and shadow weaves are all included FREE OF CHARGE

Please feel free to get in touch and out FREE DESIGN SERVICE



Very Funky Logo with stripes on a reppe weave to add some texture


Shadow weave and stripes plus bespoke logo on Polyester tie



Very bespoke rugby club tie design using a satin weave



Our minimum quantity is only 25 ties


Your logos can be any shape or size, its up to you, repeat or single with or without stripes, at no extra cost

Also included free of charge - Logos, crests, text, stripes, shadow weaves, complex patterns, Free design service, as many logos on your ties as you wish at no extra cost.

Rugby tie with oversized red stag logo for Ary Rugby club



Matching set over 3 sizes junior, senior and adult polyester ties



Raglan rugby club ties with shadow weave, logo and stripes



What happens next..?

If you are happy with our prices you can send your school crest or logo over to Brannie Ties via email, this is the fastest way to get things going for you, send to - 


Then we will create some FREE ARTWORK for you in full colour for you to approve, in most cases we will send you 3 versions to choose from, once the design has been agreed upon you can request a bespoke sample before your main production run


Lead times - Artwork takes 2/3 days, bespoke samples take between 2-3 weeks

On approvel of your sample the main production run will start, this takes around 4-5 weeks from approval of sample.

Your ties will be checked for quality at all points of the process then shipped to your door on a 24 hour express service.


Rugby & Football Club Ties


If you need a quote for your club ties simply send an email or phone us  tel: 01307 850764 or email:


Our minimum quantity is only 25 ties

No set-up charges or origination costs and best of all theres no charge for crests, logos, repeat patterns or stripes

Dont forget..! all logos, shadow weaves, text and dates, stripes and repeat patterns are included



We are happy to give any advice required in order to help with your enquiry



Because we jacquard weave our ties your logo etc will be woven into the tie as the actual material is made, this means your ties will be the best possible quality available, you can even have different logos on one tie for joint clubs at no extra cost..



Football and other sports clubs ties

Because most clubs have a wide range of age groups ranging from under 11yrs to adults, this can cause all kinds of problems when buying ties.

Brannie Ties offer a mixed size order service, this means you can order your ties to suit the age groups at no extra cost to you..


As part of this service you can not only order your ties in different lengths but widths as well.


Our minimum quantity is only 25 ties, 'the lowest in the UK'


If you want to split the order up into mixed sizes this can be done in batches of 25


If you want to do a colour change as part of the order or change the background colour of the tie and keep the design the same simply add this into your enquiry and we will draw up some FREE FULL COLOUR ARTWORK for you.

The above tie images show the different types, widths and effects that can be produced using our state of the art weaving technology and design service.

Your cest or logo will be woven into the tie as the material is produced, this way there can be no fading or peeling which can happen with printed ties.


All Ties are made Bespoke to each enquiry to ensure the best possible price and colour match

         Below are the three different types of material available to choose from and a brief description

       What is the Best Place for my Logo or Crest?

Under Knot - The logo is positioned 32cm up from the tip of the tie.

The position of your logo can be anywhere on the tie depending on your design

Tip of the tieThe logo is placed near the blade or the bottom of the tie.

If required you can have your logo repeated up the tie as a shadow effect for more texture

Midway - The logo is placed in a central position, this will depend on how the actual tie is tied.  Ideally the logo should sit just above a blazer when fastened.

    Ties come in 3 types of Material

Please remember that we can design ties to suit your needs, you do not have to have the same designs that appear on our web-site, this is because we can design your tie from scratch free of charge.


This is a hard wearing excellent material for clubs, companies and security companies.

Man made micro-fibre has the advantage of strength and durability.




A very clever product with the added strength of polyester but with the high definition that silk offers in both feel and colour

Our poly/silk ties have the warp threads in polyester and the weft threads in silk, thus the face of the tie 'front' is all silk



 Pure Silk

A natural product refined for weaving, silk catches the light spectrum in a very unique way which is why a pure silk tie looks so vibrant compared with a man made product



The image on the left shows how we can increase the look of a standard blue and yellow striped tie using a bespoke shadow weave.

This extra service is FREE OF CHARGE.

Please feel free to get in touch about our extra services that can help to promote your club, school or company, we can also supply your ties in mixed style, such as

clip-ons, bow ties, straight ties, cravats, pocket squares and cummerbunds.

What’s the next step?

  1. We will create some designs for you free of charge for your approval.
  2. Once you are happy with the design, we will make a sample tie to ensure the end product matches the design you approved.
  3. On approval of the tie sample we will manufacture your order and deliver it to your door.

If your company or club require plain matching ties and scarves we now offer a “buy in bulk” cost saving option.


Please enquire about our range of colours and if you require straight ties or clip-on.


This range is only available in polyester.


Plain matching Tie and Scarf set from only £7.30 per set + VAT


Mix and match colours or same colour sets

Available in:

Black, Light Grey, Bottle Green, White, Emerald, Maroon, Red, Navy, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Sunshine


Lead time stock depending from 3 days


For bespoke items with logos/design please enquire

Thank you for looking at our site, please feel free to check out our pages by scrolling back to the  top and clicking the relevant page, if you can't find what you are looking for please get in touch, we will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have

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